The Problem With Success

The Problem With Success

If you’re reading this right now, it’s because you want to be successful, whether for the emotional benefits, the material benefits or both. And that’s great! We truly hope success finds you! However, while we appreciate the pursuit for success as much as the next person, there are reasons that aiming for “success” can actually hold you back. And here are 5 of them:

  1.     “Success” is a moving target.

What does success mean for you? Does it mean

  •      Creating and launching an irresistible product?
  •      Creating your own hours and being your own boss?
  •      Doing what you love and being able to take care of your family off of whatever income you make from doing that?

Too often people shoot for success without ever having a clear idea of what success is. When they ARE successful by other people’s standards, they don’t feel as if they are because they don’t know what they really wanted out of their endeavors in the first place.

  1.     “Success” is the wrong motivator.

People have certain beliefs about what success can deliver… No more stress. No more worry. A lot of material goods. But these are all externalized projections of what a successful lifestyle looks like; they aren’t real life.

To be sure you recognize your success when you achieve it, make sure your motivation comes from within, and not from what others believe a successful lifestyle looks like.

  1.     The idea of “success” consumes the here and now.

People that want to be successful dream of the “big payout” almost as often as they put in the work to achieve it. This dreaming takes away from the here and now; it minimizes the small successes you achieve everyday.

Waiting for success is a surefire way to miss out on the present. Never stop reaching for success, but do stop thinking about it so much. You’ll begin to live more freely, and even quite possibly pick up on something big you might otherwise have missed while in dreamland.

  1.     “Success” does not eliminate stress or worry.

This is what everyone thinks, but the truth is, you’re either a worrier or you’re not. If you are, chances are that success will only enhance this trait.

If you want to eliminate stress and worry, shift your patterns of thinking that result in these emotions. Ask yourself, “Where are these negative thoughts coming from?” and then try to block that portion of your brain from interfering with the here and now.

  1.     “Success” does not boost confidence – confidence boosts success.

Your level of success is in direct proportion to your level of confidence. Success is achieved by taking repeated, meaningful actions—but what if you’re not confident enough to follow through with those actions? Or, think about this one: What will you do when things go wrong? Without confidence, chances are you’ll give up rather than put up a fight. But with confidence? You’ll kick that problem’s butt!

confidenceWhen you place your efforts on becoming a “successful person,” you’re allowing needless complications to enter the equation. So, what should you aim to become instead? A more confident person.

Seriously, confidence is the key to becoming the successful you that you want to be. When you’re confident, you stop living in the future, and enjoy the present; you say, “to heck with the rules!” and rely on your own innate talents and skills to get you through; you start taking meaningful action; and, above all, you stop listening to those negative voices that tell you that you can’t, and listen to the ones that say you can.

At AMPED, we believe in helping individuals like you – individuals who want to be successful – become the confident practice owners they want to be. To see how we can start helping you today, visit

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