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The unfortunate truth is that not all chiropractic groups actually truly support the principles of chiropractic.

That may sound shocking, but we’ve found again and again that, when you look behind the scenes at some organizations, there is very little support of the movement. In fact, believe it or not, you can find organizations that actually actively damage the chiropractic movement by supporting non-chiropractic approaches.

At AMPED, we believe in truly supporting chiropractic. Members know that we were founded on the principles of chiropractic and actively support and nurture the movement. Ultimately, if we’re not pushing support of organizations such as IFCO and the ICPA, who are subluxation-based and grounded in the roots of what the chiropractic profession is, there may not be sufficient support of the movement in the future.

Know that the support that you give AMPED through our membership programs and activities is, in part, distributed out to other organizations that believe what we believe.

We look forward to a world where emphasis is on removing nerve interference by correcting subluxations is the priority. Our support of subluxation-based organizations, societies and chiropractic schools is a serious pillar of the AMPED organization.

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Join us in our support of Principled Chiropractic. Let’s rally behind this cause that we all love and respect and help it reach critical mass. Watch this video with Dr. Jeremy Hess and Dr. Michael Viscarelli as they discuss the AMPED vision.


We believe in creating critical mass in Principled Chiropractic with one successful practice at a time.