Company Culture



Why is the AMPED community so special?

AMPED community are fiercely loyal. The AMPED community prioritizes principles over profits. That means that you’ll never see the leadership of this community selling out to any cause or organization that doesn’t support, or worse, that harms chiropractic. This is a community bonded together not by geography, technique, language, politics, orientation, or religion.

But by the love and belief in chiropractic, and each other.

Our organization is bonded together based on our common purpose to serve well a sacred trust handed down to us by the founders of the profession. To deliver a service so irrefutably effective, delivered in such a polished manner, to a following that is so well-educated and informed that chiropractic will rise in the eyes of society as a whole.

The special part about this AMPED phenomenon is that no where else on earth will you find a group so united who don’t all share ownership in a single entity or company. This organization is not a franchise. It is not a hive mind of imitators who are never thinking, it is a mastermind of innovators who are always seeking a better way.

It’s a community that supports each other. No matter what!

The AMPED Mastermind

At AMPED, we believe in helping each other to create critical mass in Principled Chiropractic. We do this with one successful practice after another and another. Our members share and utilize proven best practices procedures, communication and business tactics in the areas of marketing, service and team culture to create massively successful practices that are balanced with fulfilling personal lives.