What Are the 3 Most Important Components of Success

What Are the 3 Most Important Components of Success

We get this question all the time, and to be honest, it’s difficult to answer. Success – true success – has so many components to it that to name just three almost feels as if we’re shorting you on advice. But for arguments sake, truly thinking about and responding to questions like this helps us remember what it is that drove us to the point of success we’re at today.

So, what would #1 be? Collectively, we’d have to say passion.

1)   Passion. It’s really hard to sell what you do if even you yourself aren’t excited about it. Enthusiasm spreads, as our practice is proof of, and when there’s enough of it going around, the effect is amazing. However, not only does passion serve to get OTHERS excited about what you’re doing, but it helps you through the toughest times of entrepreneurship. And as all of you reading this know, entrepreneurship is not an easy calling; we entrepreneurs need all the motivations we can get to stick it out and make it through.

The second most important component of success is, to us, obvious: a team that shares the same vision.

2)   The right team. At AMPED, we don’t just believe, we know, that the reason we’re so great at what we do is because every single person on our team has the same vision: to bring chiropractic to its rightful place as one of the most respected professions on the planet. If even just one of us didn’t believe in this mission, we would have experienced unnecessary tension and would undoubtedly have been held back in some way.

To effectively bring a vision to life, everyone on your team needs to be on board with it. And that means EVERYONE, from the founders of the company down to the front office assistant. When your team believes in your vision, your customers will have no choice but to believe in it too.

And the 3rd component of success, for us, would be humility.

3)   Accept that you don’t know everything. Yes, you are opening your own business because you’re pretty knowledgeable in your field; however, there is always somebody who knows more than you. Seek out this persona and learn as much from them as you can. That’s what Dr. Viscarelli did.

Dr. Michael learned from Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess everything he knows about running a successful practice. Now, he has the most successful chiropractic practice in all of Colorado. Without the Hess’s mentorship, Viscarelli is positive he wouldn’t be even close to the point he’s at today.

At Amped, we believe that success is a result of a lot of various factors, but because we can’t even fathom success without the above 3 – passion, a great team and humility – we’d have to say that those 3 components are the backbone to success. To get on the path to success today, take your passion and your team and come see how we can help you today at

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