It’s Time To Manage Your Time

It’s Time To Manage Your Time

If you have been studying to be a chiropractor, chances are your schedule has been consistently full. Your days are determined by classes, clinics, and homework. You might not realize how controlled your time is until you graduate. If you are hoping to start your own practice right away, one of the biggest issues you will face is how to use your time effectively.

Suddenly, there will be no class schedules and homework. Each day will be up to you to craft in the most constructive way to achieve your goal. Coming from years in school and being told how your time will be delegated, this transition can be jarring. Here are some ideas to help you handle your time when it’s all yours to manage.

Take the first twenty minutes of each day to plan that day. Don’t jump in and perform tasks randomly. This is not efficient and will eventually drive you nuts. This morning planning session is the most important part of your day.

Schedule time to think. This might sound silly, but your time will become so full of tasks and to-do’s that you don’t have time to reflect. By the time night comes you’re too tired to think. Marking a specific time on your planner to simply think and reflect is a necessary balance to all the “doing.”

Schedule time for interruptions and setbacks. Things usually take longer than you think they should. If your schedule is too tight, one delay can throw the whole day out of whack. Give yourself that extra time cushion.

Schedule a time to return phone calls and answer emails. This activity can suck up hours if you don’t delegate it to a specific time. This is also an opportunity to work on discipline. When it’s work time, stay focused. It’s not time to be checking Facebook every twenty minutes.

These are just a few hints to help you manage your precious time. In our development program we offer much more information specifically for chiropractors, along with everything else you’ll need to know to get your practice up and running. Learn more about the AMPED program here:

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