The Service Side of Leadership

The Service Side of Leadership

Being an inspiring leader is a big part of success as an entrepreneur. What qualities make up a leader? What is the difference between a leader in name only and a leader that is truly respected and followed?

leadershipYou may believe that because you have the title, own the company and write the checks, you are automatically the leader. While this is technically true, this type of purchased leadership is not what breeds loyalty and keeps a team of happy, productive people working for you. What you need to do to gain leadership status in the eyes of others is dedicate time and energy to making them feel valued and safe, and step up in times of trouble to take care of problems.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” While the origins of this quote have been attributed to Voltaire, FDR and even Marvel Comic’s Spiderman, the truth of it lies deep in our social structure and is arguably one of the most powerful lessons you can learn about being a great leader.

In a group structure there is always an Alpha role. Socially, we humans are fine with having someone who is in charge and gets to make the big decisions, as long as they have our backs when something goes awry. If you write the checks and lay down the rules, but abandon the group when everything starts falling apart or don’t let your people know they are respected and have a secure position on your team, you may be missing the mark of being the best leader you could be.


As the head of your own business you have taken on the role of leader. Serve the group in the ways that they need, you will not just be a leader in name, you will be someone that they want to follow. Their needs include receiving a paycheck, but in the long run it’s more important that they feel taken care of and safe if you want them to truly give their loyalty to your organization.

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