Use Failure to Fuel Success

Use Failure to Fuel Success

An AMPED Mindset Minute Video on Embracing the Process:  Is it your fantasy to rise to the pinnacle of success in your practice with an outstanding team and legions of happy practice members without ever experience any glitches or hiccups along the way? That’s a nice fantasy, but it’s just that, a fantasy. Everyone fails in some way or another on their way to the top. The trick is to learn to embrace the process and use what you learn to help you propel forward.

Embracing the process means you recognize that you will not attain success without experiencing some measure of failure. Whether you have a small failure in your day, a larger failure in your business, or even a series of failures that are affecting your practice, embracing the process means you look at those failures honestly and make them work for you rather than against you.

Watch Dr. Viscarelli explain in this video:

Understanding that you’re going to fail and using that failure as an opportunity to learn, adjust, and push yourself onward is a skill that will help you ultimately achieve your goals.

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