Are You Fulfilled Enough to Serve Others?

Are You Fulfilled Enough to Serve Others?

You may have heard someone tell you to invest in yourself, but do you really know how to do it? Do you have to spend a lot of money? What does it feel like to invest in yourself? We’re not talking about signing up for the latest spin class or putting your money into some hot index fund. What we’re talking about is making sure that you are taking care of yourself so that you can turn around and take care of others.

When you’re in a position to serve others, your own mind, body and spirit need to be regularly decompressed. Finding something to do for yourself doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive or complicated. It can be as simple as taking the time to read for pleasure, get outside in nature, or remove yourself from your immediate surroundings for a little while. Whatever feeds your soul, make sure you’re doing it, and you’ll have more to give to others.

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