Why and How You Should Invest in Yourself

Why and How You Should Invest in Yourself

People tend to invest in a lot of material objects—they invest in their cars, or in their houses – in their clothing or in their jewelry. They invest in fine wine and rare objects – electronics and fancy furniture. But while they think to invest upwards of thousands of dollars into material objects, they don’t ever consider investing just a little bit of that money into themselves. But they should, and here’s why:

While you may not get the money back in doing so, you will see a much improved version of yourself.

However, investing in yourself follows a completely different set of protocol than when investing in material objects or other people’s business.

First off, you need to do a thorough assessment of yourself. This is where investing in yourself is similar to making external investments, as you want to evaluate where your values lie, as well as where your weaknesses are. You need to be completely honest with yourself, because this evaluation will help you determine where your “opportunity spot” is.

This assessment should include three things:

1.     Analysis of the facts

2.     Realistic thinking

3.     Interview with yourself

To learn the next three things you should do if you truly want to invest in yourself and in your future, stay tuned for our next blog post, “3 Things You Need to Do to Improve Your Life.”

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