AMPED In-Office Immersion Experience at Higher Health Chiropractic – Jun 13th 9am to 4pm

AMPED In-Office Immersion Experience at Higher Health Chiropractic – Jun 13th 9am to 4pm

Calling all Docs! Especially Docs in the Midwest area! AMPED is hosting an in-office immersion experience featuring Dr. Kowalke and Dr. Brower for you and your DC friends at Higher Health Chiropractic.

Space is limited! Register today and pass this information on to anyone you think might benefit from the valuable training.

Register by emailing or calling 616-301-8300

June Event

The two main reasons we decided to have this event?

First, we decided to develop an event for current AMPED members who have friends that are DC’s who want to be exposed to what AMPED is, but don’t have the time to travel to one of our live seminars.
Second, many local Midwest chiropractic organizations have shown interest in us hosting an AMPED event to learn more about the organization.

It would be great to have all of the AMPED community take part, but we are limited with how many people we can fit into the office. That being said, registration will be open to non-AMPED doctors and current AMPED doctors that are bringing non-AMPED doctors first. Once we are 2 weeks out to the event we will be opening up spots for current AMPED doctors without a guest.

You can register right away by emailing or calling 616-301-8300 and when spots open up it will be on a first registered basis.

There will be a separate CA session with training on Phone, Day 1 and Office Tour. This will be a hands on training session with our team. There are limited spots for this as well and is open to all current AMPED doctors CA’s and Spouses. There is a fee of $99 per CA/spouse to cover the expense of hosting this training session. Believe us when we say this will be a valuable experience for your team.

We are excited to be hosting this and look forward to an amazing event! See you soon!

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