Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess on the Cover of LIFE

Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess on the Cover of LIFE

Just a few days ago, Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess were featured on the cover of Your Extraordinary LIFE, LIFE University’s magazine in an article titled “Helping Many Discover Chiropractic”.

Along with providing a clever play on words using their practice name, Discover Chiropractic, this article showcases all that the Drs. Hess do for their community and chiropractic as a whole.

YEL Spring 2015 CoverAs graduates of LIFE (Dr. Jeremy in ‘99, Dr. Amanda in ‘03), the article talks about their booming practice as a shining example of what a chiropractic office can offer to practice members as well as chiropractic students. Their attitude of mentorship is discussed in detail, including the multiple ways that Discover Chiropractic is involved with students of chiropractic. The Drs. Hess hold “Student Fuel” programs at their practice, are participants in LIFE’s PEAK (Practice, Excellence, Art and Knowledge) program, founders of the LAUNCH Tour and – of course – founders and Leaders of AMPED.

Both Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Amanda are honored to be featured on the cover of the official magazine of their alma mater. Even more than that, however, they are honored to be in a position to help so many people in their community to greater health, and so many fellow chiropractors to greater service.


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