Inspiration: A Source For Motivation

Inspiration: A Source For Motivation

What fuels your motivation as a practicing member in your field? How would you define it?

Some might say that motivation is what drives us forward, keeps us going, and leads us down the road to success. Maybe success isn’t always what drives us, maybe it’s family, happiness, or whatever is important in your life. Regardless of the source there are times when you might feel like there is something missing, something that is preventing you from taking a step forward.

So where does motivation come from? Do we all have equal amounts of motivation? How can we get more of this awesome stuff? These are all questions that anyone who has ever set out on a long journey or started a big project is more than familiar with. Starting out, you may feel that success may be the only thing that can possibly lead to more motivation. While that may be the reason in some cases, motivation can also be sparked by inspiration.

Inspiration can fuel your motivation levels in a variety of big ways. Many people have found that inspiration can motivate them much more than other things can, and it can be found from a seemingly endless amount of sources.

Think back to what made you start out on your journey. What happened in your life that changed you and made you see the world in a different way? When did you discover your passion? What made you say, “I want to change the world and make a difference?” It may have been something that stems from your childhood. Maybe it happened later in life and caused you to take an entirely new direction and approach in life. Whatever it was inspired you and stuck with you, and you didn’t just move on and forget about it, did you? Remembering what triggered that bright feeling inside you, and started you on your path can be a helpful tool in rekindling that old inspiration and motivating you all over again.

Connecting with other people, like those from AMPED, can inspire you and bring back the motivation that will drive your development forward toward success. We all meet people and make connections with others everyday throughout our lives. Those connections can have a huge and positive impact on how we get started and stay in the game.

Maybe you meet someone who is much further along on their path, and hearing some of their past experiences can help inspire and motivate you on your own road. Maybe you connect with someone who is just starting out as you once did and you offer to lend a helping hand. When connecting with others, we relate to the things we have in common, and can inspire and motivate each other toward making a difference in our lives and in our communities.

Keeping yourself surrounded by reminders of your goals and things that inspire you are great tools to start with. It can be something as simple as a picture on your wall, or an object on your desk. Anything that inspires you that you can turn into a common occurrence in your life will help keep you motivated.

So if you are just starting out and you feel like you need some kind of a push, try to find inspiration. Think back to your early sources of inspiration, connect with other people and find inspiration through others. Keep in mind these are only a few ways to increase your motivation, and that there are many other things that can inspire you. With these few helpful tips you’ll find yourself more motivated and amped to keep going down the right path, and make a difference in the world and in lives of the families in your community.

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