Feeling Stuck in Your Life or Business?

Feeling Stuck in Your Life or Business?

No doubt, life can be overwhelming. You have bills to pay, laundry to do, friends to call, a body to maintain, and healthy foods to prepare and eat. Managing to keep up with it all can lead to a lack of enthusiasm. Yet, to be the best chiropractor you can be, and run a rewarding practice, you must be able to keep positive energy flowing. This is especially difficult if you’re feeling lackluster. Let’s consider how we can keep enthusiasm flowing in all areas of life.

A sense of wonder- We get so busy managing the to-do list that we often don’t notice all the miracles and beauty that life gives us every day. Notice an astonishing landscape, the sound of laughter, the way the sun sparkles on water’s surface. As you allow yourself to notice such things, you will begin to notice even more miracles surrounding you.

A sense of gratitude- Here is a fun exercise to try. The next time something in your life or business doesn’t go according to your plan, say out loud, “Thank goodness!” This may seem like a forced action, but if you give it an honest try, you will be surprised by what happens. By automatically going into a state of gratitude, your mind will be open to find one or more benefits to whatever happened. Give it a try!

A sense of relaxation- In our field, we are givers; we are healers. We often put others first. While this is important during business hours, it is equally important to take time for ourselves. Let someone pamper you. Take a getaway weekend with friends or family. Buy fresh flowers for your table. It doesn’t have to be big. But this little act of self love will help you maintain a healthy balance and enthusiasm for both work and home.

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