Is Passion Really the “Key To Success” Everyone Believes It To Be?

Is Passion Really the “Key To Success” Everyone Believes It To Be?

passion changes everything“Follow your passion.”

This is advice you’ll hear from us a lot, as it’s advice we honestly believe to be the ultimate key to success. Yet, there are many naysayers out there who believe the opposite to be true: that following your passion is the worst thing you can do. The reasons? There are plenty (according to them), but the most popular are…

1)   You might enter too competitive a field

2)   You might not be good at your passion

3)   It might not be your passion at all

Notice, all of these reasons start with “might.” But aside from that one word, there are many reasons to NOT listen to the naysayers, the main one being: if you’re passionate about something – and we mean truly passionate – then you will find a way to be successful at it.

We believe that

  •      When you’re passionate about something, you will learn everything there is to know about it. And, if you don’t already know how to, you’ll learn how to do it.
  •      When you’re passionate about something, there’s no way you can fall out of love with it. And if you do, you weren’t really passionate about it in the first place
  •      Without passion, it’s nearly impossible to make it through those early years of entrepreneurship. Passion gives you something to believe in, and something to fight for, when it seems as if there’s nothing else to motivate you.

At AMPED, we’re living proof that passion is the key to success. If you want to see what, exactly, passion is capable of, visit

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