7 Tips for Staying Motivated in Your Practice

7 Tips for Staying Motivated in Your Practice

Baby_s First Adjustment 11-12-13Congratulations! You are finally ready to open your own practice!

In the beginning staying motivated will probably come easy for you. After all, you’re finally done with school and chomping at the bit to prove to the world what you can do. You’re ready to put all of your knowledge to good use and introduce people to their body’s innate ability to heal.

The thing is, everything doesn’t always just fall into place in a new practice. As the weeks go by, you may notice a few not-so-thrilling realities. The hours get long. Hiring people to work in your office becomes difficult. Paying the bills, balancing the books, and saving for taxes leaves you with less and less time to do what you really love…being a chiropractor and working with your practice members! You know what happens next? You lose your motivation and the whole thing just feels a little bit too much like…well, work.

Until your practice is humming along and the proper systems are put into place, what can you do to stay motivated through the difficult times? Here are some helpful hints.

Set Realistic Goals. It’s not uncommon for new business owners to overestimate what they can accomplish in a short time, especially in the beginning. Yes, it is healthy to set goals and deadlines, but be realistic. As you set small, attainable goals, you will achieve them faster and this will remind you that you are making progress. Reaching a goal feels great and will propel you to go for the next attainable goal.

Remember Your Dream. As a chiropractor, you are in the business of making a true difference in the lives of your members. The world needs what you have to offer. Hold on to your true motivation of becoming a chiropractor in the first place. Put little reminders of this around your office and home. There will be times you feel overwhelmed by other aspects of your business and your life, so making a point to remember your dream can keep you going.

Learn From Mistakes. No one is perfect. Do not beat yourself up if you mess up. See it as a learning opportunity and thank the mishap. If you reap the lesson, you will be better for it and carry that new knowledge forward with you.

Take Care of Yourself. In being a chiropractor, you are healing others all day. If you’ve been working for months on end, you will burn out. Remember to take time for yourself too. Relax. Get away from the office. A restful weekend at the beach or countryside will do wonders for you and your business. You cannot care for others if you don’t care for yourself. Do something rejuvenating just for you…and do it frequently!

Be Disciplined. Since you are your own boss, you are responsible for the success of your business. You have obligations to your practice members and the other people in your office. You must hold yourself accountable and ensure you are doing all you can to fulfill your promises to yourself and others.

Get a Life (a balanced one). Being motivated is not about working yourself into the ground. A balanced life is more fulfilling and it will remind you that you made the right choice of starting your own practice. You can have vacations when you want to, AND guide your practice members to have more fulfilling and healthy lives.

Find a Mentor. Working with someone who has “been there, done that” will increase your odds of success dramatically. Associate with people who care about your success and people who support you along the way. (Hint: This is where AMPED comes in!)

If you are motivated and ready to start your practice the right way, or if you are ready to take your current practice to the next level, our team of experts is here to mentor you and help you develop a sustainable practice. Learn more about our development program:


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