Improve Your Odds of Business Success

Improve Your Odds of Business Success

You’ve invested several years of your life to finish school. Perhaps you recently graduated or the finish line is in sight. You are preparing for the next step, starting your own practice. It’s your dream, right? Imagine being your own boss while impacting people’s lives! Yet, you’ve probably heard the depressing statistics for start-up businesses. According to, approximately half of new businesses in service industries will still be operating after four years. Combine that with the fact that chiropractic is already a competitive field, and you may feel nervous about stepping out on your own.

This is where we get excited about what AMPED has to offer to chiropractors who dream of starting and maintaining a successful practice. Imagine working alongside mentors who are already successful in creating a vibrant, lucrative practice, mentors who are passionate about sharing knowledge and strategies so you experience your own success. Chiropractic care is important and we believe there is room for everyone to offer services that change and enhance people’s lives.

Here are some of the mandatory requirements to improve your odds of business success:

1. A clear and motivating purpose. Yes, you are in the business of helping people, but dive deeper than that. Why do you want to help others? What part of chiropractic care can you turn into a message that you yearn to share with your community? Why are you on this planet right now and how does your practice contribute to that mission? Make your purpose juicy, something worth fighting for, something that will keep you going when times are tough and you aren’t sure how the bills will get paid. It must be something that is big enough to ensure you keep moving forward and doing whatever it takes to succeed.

2. You have a purpose, but what about skills? Having a purpose that makes your heart pound is an imperative first step. But, unfortunately it’s not enough. You could be the best chiropractor on the planet, but if you don’t know the skills of operating a business, you will not succeed. Being a business owner is much more than being good at your specialized skill. You must understand marketing, sales, demographics, and your competition. You must have systems in place for accounting and paying bills. You must understand tax and insurance requirements. You must know how to hire and pay employees.You must have the skills to manage the business finances carefully so you can stay afloat, especially in your first year of business.

3. Putting practice members first. Your business thrives on people seeing the value in what you offer. You must know how to cater to their true needs and desires. Your odds of succeeding in business improve drastically when you take the risk out of their buying decision and make irresistible offers that potential practice members can’t refuse.

4. Start small and expand. One of the quickest ways to fail in business is to bite off more than you can chew. It isn’t wise to buy a bunch of expensive equipment before you open your doors. You might not even start with a public office space, perhaps your start in your home. You need to sustain your budding business and that takes time. What will sustain you in those early months is cash flow. Don’t start off too big, or you’ll be sucked dry very quickly.

If you are interested in learning the in’s and out’s of the chiropractic business with a successful mentor who actually works in the chiropractic field, we invite you to learn more about our development program. After all, one of the greatest things you can do to improve your odds of success is to work with someone who already knows precisely how to do it! Learn more here:

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