FREE Live Conference in Breckenridge, CO – October, 2014

FREE Live Conference in Breckenridge, CO – October, 2014

Rocky Mountains, here we come! AMPED October 2014 Live Event is being held in the beautiful Breckenridge, CO…and it’s 100% FREE!

We want you to come, we want you to bring your family and we want you to have an informative, inspiring and all around fantastic time.

Ronnie Doss is our special guest speaker, we’ve got activities planned, and we’re even providing free daycare so this is truly an enjoyable and energizing event for everyone.

Watch this video with Dr. Viscarelli and Dr. Hess talking about the Breckenridge conference:

If you’ve never been to an AMPED live event before, this is a great one to kick off your AMPED experience! And if you’ve joined us before, you already know how much fun you and your family are going to have!

See our events page for more details:

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