The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

A big shout out to EVERYONE who took part in AMPED’s first live conference of 2015 in Atlanta! We don’t mind telling you that it was a total blast for us to put on AND – as always – an inspiration for us to keep pushing the ideas behind AMPED forward at maximum overdrive.

What do other people have to say? Take a look:

“Huge turnout for an amazing conference!!! So much information shared by true shapers of the vision for chiropractic!! I highly recommend getting plugged in with this group of game changers!” 

– Dr. Robert Mayfield


“The conference was amazing. Our team is buzzing about all that they learned over the weekend and we are excited to implement the action steps from the conference this week!”

– Drs. Sam and Clare Stewart


“The AMPED Program is second to none! Not only are the procedures flawless in their approach they are willing to change and adapt to make them better and better within the mastermind of AMPED.”

– Mitch Borgman


“Nowhere else in chiropractic is such a powerful movement happening– a shift toward both chiropractic as it was originally intended to be and toward reaching the masses like never before in chiropractic history.”

– David and Jennifer Wosniak


Rack Focus ConferenceNow, we aren’t showing you these comments to toot our own horn. That’s just not what we’re about. The reason we’re showing you these comments is WE DON’T WANT YOU TO MISS OUT on the next FREE Live Conference in April!!

That’s right. It’s FREE, it’s April 17th through the 19th, it’s a Family Conference AND it’s being held in beautiful Breckenridge, CO! What better place to spend the weekend bonding with your family, communing with the majestic Rocky Mountains and congregating with like-minded AMPED Leaders, Mentors and Members?

It’s 2015…AMPED is Unleashed and we are Forging Chiropractic Critical Mass…won’t you join us?

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