August 2015 – AMPED Live!

August 2015 – AMPED Live!

The AMPED community has a great time when we get together at live events. The fellowship is wonderful (that’s a given), but there are so many positive benefits to being at a live event it can be challenging for us to put it into words.

amped friendsThat’s why we asked the attendees of our last event to give us their thoughts. Here are just a few of the responses we received:

“Training and managing a team in a chiropractic office can be one of the toughest parts of practice, and the team conferences in Atlanta are essential to make sure our team has the knowledge and honestly, the inspiration to work together to achieve the huge goals we have for our office.  I know I can only inspire them to a certain point, but when the team sees that we are a part of a larger movement, they become so pumped to do their part.”
– Dr Tyler Schwanz – Waterville OH

“There is a marked difference between having employees and having a TEAM. When your team sees other chiropractic teams across the nation working towards a common mission, a mental shift takes place. This shift isn’t something that can simply be explained, it must be felt and witnessed.”
– Dr Jessica Harden – Fort Mill SC

“I believe our team’s passion, commitment, resources and drive towards serving in chiropractic needs to be sparked and stirred consistently just like ours does as doctors. We have found that after the Atlanta team conferences, our team has a genuine renewed energy to serve the masses with excellence! They take away pages upon pages of notes and ideas, as well as a desire to better themselves through training when we return.”
– Drs Sam & Clare Stewart – Hendersonville Tn

“Having a mission minded team is something that is developed by opening their eyes to a bigger picture. AMPED team conferences expand your team’s vision to the possibilities of achieving goals they may not have known were attainable. The team conferences give team members the confidence that the Amped systems and procedures they utilize on a daily basis work not just for them, but for successful practices all over the country. Our team looks forward the the conferences all year!”
– Drs Jared & Samantha Brown – Savannah Brown

If you were at our last Team conference, we thank you for coming and hope to see you again this August in Atlanta!

If you and your team have not been to an AMPED live event…now is the time to take it to the next level.

Register today and we’ll see you in August!

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