AMPED…On the Rocks!

AMPED…On the Rocks!

AMPED Leaders and Mentors are gearing up for some high quality face-to-face time!

What are we talking about? The upcoming AMPED Live Event, October 24th through the 26th…it’s FREE, by the way.

Where are we going? Beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado situated in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. Trust us, there is no better place to be in October than the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and AMPED on the Rocks is bound to be an amazing experience!

Why should YOU come? Wow, there are so many things you’re going to get out of this. It might be easier to explain in video…

This is a family event, meaning we want you to bring your spouse and your children. We’re even providing FREE daycare during the scheduled events so that you and your spouse can focus on the inspiring presentations and speakers that we have scheduled for you!

Town sun glareNot to mention the amazing town of Breckenridge and all of the activities and scenery you can enjoy with your family (and extended AMPED family) outside of the conference events!

We invite you to come with your family. We want you to tell the people you know should be there to come as well. We think these events are incredibly important for your motivation and growth, which is why we offer them for FREE.

Join us in the Rocky Mountains for the AMPED Breckenridge Live Event, 2014! You will be glad that you did!

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