Your Own Worst Enemy

Your Own Worst Enemy

An AMPED Mindset Minute Video on Staying Positive:  Maintaining a positive outlook and the energy that goes along with it is a vital part of being able to create and sustain a successful practice. We’re big advocates of keeping your inner voice from invading your thoughts with negativity. It’s a problem for many of us not only because it’s common, but because it’s subtle. Nobody else can hear what you’re telling yourself and so it’s easy to let the whole issue slip by. You may not even be aware of how much it’s affecting your life and your practice because you’ve never spoken these negative thoughts to another soul. You may think if nobody else can hear it, what does it matter?

We can tell you that it does matter, and it does reflect in the success of your practice and your home life.

Here’s Dr. Brower to discuss ways to tackle that negative inner voice.

Don’t let this problem deter your success. Take on your own negativity and learn how to stay positive!

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