We Believe in a Pain Free World

We Believe in a Pain Free World

At AMPED, we believe a pain free life is the only kind of life worth living. It is our ultimate goal to create a pain-free world, achievable only through specific and scientific chiropractic care and with YOUR help. So that you can better help us on our mission, below is a list of guidelines that you can share with your practice members, friends and loved ones that will guide them towards a pain free life:

  1. Move in as many different ways as possible, as often as possible, everyday: Movement is the key to keeping your body in as healthy and pain free state as possible. It doesn’t matter what you do, but just do something! Work, clean, play, exercise. Get out there and get moving. When you do the same things every day, areas of your body become overworked, which leads to pain. Switch up your movements to create a balanced body.
  2. Move every joint in as full a range of motion as possible once a day: Maintaining flexibility ensures that you can use the full length and width of your muscles even as you age. If you only maintain short range motion, your muscles become stiff, and your body’s muscular capacity decreases. This will guarantee that smaller amounts of work will cause you pain.
  3. Life something quickly for repetitions a few times a week: I’m not saying to go out and grab 25 pound weights or anything, but just grab a couple of cans of soup, a water bottle or even a dictionary and lift quickly. This creates power, which, when it comes to getting older, is more important than strength or endurance. Why? Because the reflex to activate your core muscles in times of need are quicker.
  4. Lift something heavy for repetitions a few times a week: Doing so will stimulate the nerve-to-nerve and nerve-to-muscle connections within your body. As our muscles grow stronger, our metabolism increases, so not only do you stay in better shape this way, but you can stave off conditions such as Alzheimer’s and depression.
  5. Get your heart rate up at least four times a week: Doing so makes the heart stronger, and it gets your blood to pump faster. The quicker your blood pumps through your veins, the easier it is to reduce the inflammation and fatty plaques that make their homes in our blood cells. When blood flows easier, the risks of heart attack and stroke become much lower.
  6. Don’t sit – or hold any posture for that matte – without moving for more than 30 minutes: Imagine your body as a rubber band…what happens when you stretch a rubber band for a second or two and then let go? It goes back to normal, right? What happens when you stretch a rubberband for a long period of time? Generally, it doesn’t go back to normal, and if it does, it takes a while. Your muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves are like that rubberband—they need to be at their normal lengths more often than not, otherwise they won’t function properly. So, I’m not saying to run a mile or anything, but do get up every 30 minutes or so and take a stroll through the office, or even just stretch your arms and legs from time to time. Trust me, it’ll do a world of good.
  7. Eat your fruits and veggies! A lot of what we eat—especially those processed foods—are high in calories, which do a great job of adding unnecessary stress to our bodies. Fruits are higher in nutrients, which clean up the stress from digesting those calories. The better we are able to clean out those calories, the more easily we’re able to keep our bodies in a relaxed and body-building state.

There you have it—seven great and easy to abide by tips to keep your body in the healthiest and most pain free state as possible. Share these tips with anyone and everyone, and you’ll be doing more than your part in creating a pain free world.

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