Dr. Taylor Dietz

Dr. Taylor Dietz

Dr. Taylor Dietz of Renegade Chiropractic in Orem, UT.

Dr. Taylor Dietz and Office Manager Meckenzie Dietz both grew up in Lehi, Utah. They lived a few blocks away from each other but never spoke until after high school. They started college at Utah Valley University, and then got married a short time later. Meckenzie graduated from UVU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education just before having their first daughter one month later.

Throughout this time Dr. Taylor explored many different avenues for a career. After a few years of schooling Dr. Taylor decided to pursue a career as a Chiropractor. They moved to Dallas, Texas where Dr. Taylor spent many hours studying at Parker University.

In the first semester of chiropractic college Dr. Taylor and Meckenzie’s second daughter was born at home. After seeing the power of the body at work in a totally different way this shifted Dr. Taylor’s viewpoint of chiropractic care and who can benefit from care.

At Renegade Chiropractic we focus on serving whole families with a special interest in pediatric and prenatal care. Our goal is to help kids grow up to be healthy adults.