Dr. Natalie Horine

Dr. Natalie Horine

Before moving to Rogers, Arkansas, Dr. Lee and Dr. Natalie Horine ran one of the most successful chiropractic practices in Central California based strictly on results and word of mouth referrals. 

They are on fire for chiropractic… and for good reason…

Dr. Lee says, “There’s no better feeling in the world than when that shy 8-year old kid runs in and give me a hug because he can finally go to a sleep-over without worrying that he’ll wet the bed.”

“Most people don’t know that chiropractic can have such a massive impact on people’s lives… but we literally get multiple testimonials every day in practice like this. So yeah, its nearly impossible to not be fired up about chiropractic… it’s freakin’ amazing,” says Dr. Natalie. 

They have a diverse educational background. In addition to their Doctor of Chiropractic degree, each holds a Masters degree in Sport Science and over 400 hours of post-doctoral education in Functional Neurology combined with 2 years experience as instructors for anatomy teaching human dissection.