Dr. Michael Viscarelli

Dr. Michael Viscarelli

Dr. Michael Viscarelli (Golden, CO)

Dr. Michael and Tara Viscarelli, founders of ADIO Chiropractic, believe in contributing to the overall health and quality of life of each of their practice members. They believe that health is our number one asset, and that nothing about the body is an accident.

Dr. Michael Viscarelli has been restoring lives one adjustment at a time in the Golden, Colorado area for 18 months. During that tine, he has been showing his practice members that they can stop “just coping” with life, and start living it. Now he wants to show YOU how you can make a profound impact on the lives of YOUR practice members.

Tara Viscarelli – designer and office manager for ADIO Chiropractic – met Dr. Michael while he was in graduate school in Atlanta, Georgia. When they met, Tara had been suffering from severe menstrual and digestive issues, along with an extremely depressed immune system. At the time, she had never been under chiropractic care. Dr. Michael showed her the miracles that Principled Chiropractic care could make on her health, and within no time, she was no longer struggling with any health issues, and is now a shining example of how Principled Chiropractic can help anyone with any condition live a more fulfilling life.