Dr. Jill Young

Dr. Jill Young

Dr. Jill Young of Connected Chiropractic in Granbury, TX.

Dr. Jill Young was born & raised in Texas. She received her undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK then achieved her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Parker University in Dallas. TX.

When Dr. Jill was young, she & her older brother, Ryan, were diagnosed with Scoliosis. Ryan’s curve was much more severe than Jill’s & required Herrington rods to be surgically placed to correct the curve. It was a long & hard recovery for him and very stressful on her parents. Later on, when she started playing volleyball, Dr. Jill started having hip & low back pain as a 13-year-old. After lots of imaging & physical therapy, her mom took her to the chiropractor. Only a few visits in her pain was drastically lower, she was performing better in sports & had more energy.

These two big life experiences generated her passion to serve kids. It is her goal to help prevent these childhood issues or catch them earlier, then help these kiddos maintain their health as they grow into adults.

Furthermore, her thought process evolved into “when is the earliest in a child’s life that you could care for them?” Answer: when they are developing in the womb of their mother. Dr. Jill then pursued her certification in Webster Technique, which is a technique that supports a more comfortable, safer & easier birth.

The human body has an incredible ability to self-heal & self-regulate by way of the Nervous System. Her mission is to serve the families of Granbury, especially moms & kiddos, to enhance health, healing & connection.