Dr. Chandler Cook

Dr. Chandler Cook

Dr. Chandler Cook

Degree: Doctor of Chiropractic (Sept 2015-Dec 2018)
Parker University, Dallas Texas

Honors: Cum Laude

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Biology
University of Oklahoma (Aug 2011-May 2015)

Parker Academic Achievement Scholarship (2015-2018)

Drs. Clark & Brenda Byroad Chiropractic Scholarship 2016 & 2018

Dr. Shiva Shirvani Leadership Scholarship 2017

My Chiropractic Story

I am a third generation chiropractor, so I have seen and heard my share of amazing chiropractic stories. It all started with my grandpa coming down with viral Hepatitis while in high school. His mother took him to see medical doctors, who basically told her to take him home and get his affairs in order and wait for him to die. She decided to get another opinion, and took my grandpa to a chiropractor. Now, chiropractic does not treat conditions like hepatitis, but instead chiropractic allows the body to heal and function the way that it was designed to. After my grandpa received chiropractic adjustments, his body was able to ward off the hepatitis, and vowed to become a chiropractor himself. My father followed in his footsteps, and became a chiropractor as well. I have grown up well adjusted my entire life, so chiropractic adjustments are all that I have ever known as healthcare; I’ve never been to a pediatrician or primary care physician, nor have I ever received any vaccinations, or taken any prescription drugs. I have never been hospitalized or ever had a major illness. I simply do not get sick. My life and wellbeing is a testament to chiropractic care and how raising healthy well adjusted children allow them to become healthy adults. My wife, on the other hand, had not always been under chiropractic care. For many years she had suffered from severe irritable bowel syndrome. Once she got under regular chiropractic care, through time and repetition, her IBS slowly began to go away. Once her spine started to have the proper structure, her body began to have the proper function. Chiropractic, like gravity, always works.