Are You Proactive OR Reactive?

Are You Proactive OR Reactive?

Life isn’t a spectator sport! As much as we may like to believe that life “just happens” to us, we are actually creating our life, every step of the way, whether we know it or not. We choose happiness, anger, sadness, ambivalence, etc. Yes, success is a choice. So is fear. So is courage. You get the idea.

Proactive people take full responsibility for their lives. They don’t blame others or fall into a victim mentality. Reactive people often fall prey to the physical environment around them. They blame external things/people and feel like life is happening to them without their say. They feel elated when things are going their way and devastated when they aren’t. Proactive people see that brief moment between external stimuli and response. This is where their choice occurs.

Proactive people use positive language. Instead of asking, “Why can’t I…” they ask “HOW can I…?” Reactive people believe they have no choice and therefore they are not responsible for what happens to them.

Proactive people are also aware of the many circumstances they have no control over. Instead they focus on what they CAN control. They focus their energy on what is called their Circle of Influence. Aspects such as health, children, the way they spend their time, these are all things they can do something about. Reactive people get caught up in the stuff that they have no control over like the national debt, terrorism, and the weather.

What is in your circle of influence? What kind of language are you using? Becoming aware of these ideas and practicing them allows us to become more proactive. We believe that success is not an accident. It is an intentional choice that can be achieved by first becoming PROACTIVE.

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