We Believe in Making a Difference

We Believe in Making a Difference

Making a difference in the world doesn’t have to be hard—in fact, if you set your mind to it, it can be quite easy. At AMPED, we strive to make a difference in the lives of our community members EVERY DAY. And while we know that may sound overly ambitious, trust us—it’s not. Honestly, one of the greatest ways you can make a difference in the world is not to just be good yourself, but to acknowledge the goodness in others. As someone once said, “anyone can criticize or accept praise, but initiating a positive exchange is a hallmark of a difference maker.”

So see—making a difference every day can be as easy as complimenting the barista on a coffee excellently made; as commenting on a practice member’s continued involvement in the community; as thanking your spouse for doing the little chores that you don’t have to think about because of them.

Some other simple ways to make a difference in your life and in the lives of those around you include:

  • Make it a habit to respect everyone
  • Make a difference in yourself for the better
  • Smile
  • Be more involved in the world
  • Pick up a stray piece of trash on your way to work
  • Really listen to the people around you
  • Be true to you
  • Lead by example

That being said, there is no excuse to NOT go out and make a difference. Be the change YOU wish to see in this world—put on your best smile and see how quickly good feelings spread.

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