Mentorship Moment – Living a Life of Balance

Mentorship Moment – Living a Life of Balance

Do you take the good things in your life for granted? Is your family life in danger because of your professional success? Do you really know what is most important to you?

People often live every day putting off the people and areas of their life that are most important to them. The truth is we have no guarantee that we will be given even one more day to focus on what matters most. Are your priorities in order?

Watch this video where AMPED Mentor, Ronnie Doss, gives some solid advice on how to prioritize your life, remain mindful every day, and end up surrounded by the people who they love most.

If today was your first day and your last day on earth, would you be satisfied with your choices? Do you have true balance so you can make the most with the time that you have? We hope Ronnie’s presentation helped you put your priorities in perspective.

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