It’s Time to Toughen Up

It’s Time to Toughen Up

We as chiropractors enjoy a level of acceptance that was hard won in the past by those who came before us. That’s great. We’re thankful for it. The question is are we doing everything we can today to advance the interests of our profession? Unfortunately, often times we’re not. It’s easy to become domesticated and stay inside our bubble of acceptance, not moving out into the world and being open and ready to defend what we know to be true. It’s easy, but it’s also never going to move chiropractic forward to its rightful place in healthcare.

Think about the last time you faced confrontation with the facts you know to be true. If you can’t remember a time that you did NOT back down, it might be time to toughen up. Watch Dr. Viscarelli talk about confrontation in this video.

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