Feeling Fine? You Still Need Chiropractic Care

Feeling Fine? You Still Need Chiropractic Care

Do you run across people who say that they don’t need chiropractic care because they feel just fine? It’s common for people to respond this way when they just don’t know the facts. How do you address them? Here’s Dr. Brower with some powerful ideas and ways to talk with them about their health.

As chiropractors we want people to come to us before they have a disease or are living in discomfort because we know how much power they have in their bodies to keep from ever having these problems, if only their neurological system is working properly. Do a favor for anyone who tells you they’re fine and don’t need a chiropractor, help them understand that they can stay feeling fine…or even BETTER….if they will take the time to come in for a neurological function test.

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