Featured Power Partners: Website Design & Marketing

Featured Power Partners: Website Design & Marketing


AMPED is proud to focus on our recommended Power Partners for your website design and online marketing needs. Many of our members have worked with both of our providers and can vouch for their results.

We start off our post with a message from Jesse Lavender of Brand Chiro:

Brand Chiro partners with AMPED practices around the country to educate their communities on the power of chiropractic through a holistic marketing system.

We have worked with 100+ AMPED offices in creating logos, websites, videos, SEO and online advertising. Please visit for more information.

Also – we’re providing complimentary headshots at the conference! Stop by and have your headshot taken to update your marketing materials. ~Jesse

To learn more about Brand Chiro, visit

And here’s a note from Hubert Lee, who you know from the AMPED team.

Hello, AMPED Family!

I love working with you on your practice websites (both new JumpStart-oriented sites for new DCs and long-overdue website makeovers for experienced doctors) and your entrepreneurial projects (there’s nothing like a chiropractor on entrepreneurial fire!!)

Please connect with me to discuss your particular project! You’ll get lots of free consulting, super personal service and prices that can’t be beat! Drop me a text message or send me an email. ~Hubert

P.S. If my name seems familiar, it’s because you know me from being an AMPED member. I built the AMPED platform over 6 years ago and have been leading the tech support, marketing and content management aspects of the project since Day 1. Thanks so much for letting me help you on this Chiropractic mission to change the world!!

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