Featured Power Partner: SKED

Featured Power Partner: SKED

A Message From Dr. Erik Kowalke

In this “Featured Power Partner” post, we are highlighting SKED, a long-time supporter of the AMPED movement. We are honored to provide special discounts to the AMPED community.

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SKED innovates technology that’s easy to use and allows chiropractors to reach more people and make a bigger impact. SKED is your go to assistant that grows your practice with better results and less effort.


Designed to save you time and money, SKED optimizes automation to make your office more profitable by reducing no shows, minimizing office calls, and improving the patient experience. Connect with your patients using the communication channel they use most—email, push notifications, and text messaging! Encourage continued care with customizable care plans and improve office visibility with automated reviews.

SKED specializes in scheduling and family referral based practices. IMAGINE- You’re a parent with young kids. It’s Sunday and you just figured out your schedule for the week. Now you need to schedule or reschedule your Chiropractic appointment. Without SKED you’d be waiting till Monday morning to call. WITH SKED, you can instantly schedule or reschedule to the time that’s actually going to work with your schedule. If you want to make it easy for people to get into your office, SKED is your answer.

SKED Features Include:

Calendar Sync – Patients’ appointments will show up with their other daily events in their calendars.

EHR Real-Time Sync – The only integration that syncs between the app and your EHR in real-time.

Customizable Care Plans – Set recommendations for each practice member and help them meet goals.

Color-Coded Wait Times – Share peak wait times with your current practice members.

Automated Reviews – Increase office reviews and automatically add them to social media.

Streamline Check-In – Automatic check-in upon arrival by scanning their barcode at the front desk!

Appointment Scheduling – Your practice members can easily schedule and reschedule with the SKED app 24/7 based on your office hours and availability.

Real-Time Reminders – SKED automatically sends appointment reminders, missed appointment rescheduling, special event reminders, and much more.

Reschedule Appointments – Allow practice members to reschedule appointments via the apps24/7! They will get confirmation when the appointment is confirmed.


Sign up for a demo to learn more about how SKED can help your office or use the form on the right to get in touch with our team. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

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