Featured Power Partner: KingNAMS

Featured Power Partner: KingNAMS

In this “Featured Power Partner” post, we are highlighting KingNAMS – Managed IT Services.

At KingNAMS we offer a full service remote IT department. We monitor your systems 24/7, run preventative maintenance, backup your files and platinum server offsite, maintain and monitor advanced antivirus and ransomware protection, and provide lightning fast support when issues do arise!

Stop spending hours on the phone each week calling Platinum or trying to figure out why your Titronics scans are only showing up on one of your exam room computers. Just call us and we’ll sort that out for you so you and your team members can spend time growing your business and helping guide your practice members to health.

If you’re in the JumpStart Program or just starting out, we have packages built for any size clinic with everything you need to get started – computers, networking equipment, servers and phones. We have relationships with all the major internet service providers so we can help you get connected anywhere in the US. If you’re building out or remodeling we work with your contractor to make sure you have wiring where you need it. If you’ve got an established clinic we can help you too!

We take a look at what you already have then advise you on what needs to be replaced and when so you stay within your budget but also are working on equipment that is reliable and serviceable. All of the tools we use are HIPAA compliant and we can guide you in the tech side of making sure your clinic is compliant as well. 

AMPED members can join our Referral Program to get significant discounts on our IT services.

The month after someone you refer signs up with us, how ever much their monthly bill is, you get that much off of YOUR bill that month!

For more information, shoot us an email or click the Get Started button on our website.

Call 334-246-4913, Email us at, or visit

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