Featured Power Partner: Custom ChiroSolutions

Featured Power Partner: Custom ChiroSolutions

In this “Featured Power Partner” post, we are highlighting Custom ChiroSolutions, a consulting company specializing in compliance as it relates to policies on documentation standards, coding and billing guidelines, discounts, and risk management to name a few – ALL of which will affect your bottom line. Many AMPED doctors begin their journey to opening practice utilizing the services of Custom ChiroSolutions, starting day one with confidence and being able to focus on patient care.

Profitability? I Thought It Was Macros!

A lot of people think we help doctors take notes using our macro customization and give discounts with Compliant Coupons. That’s true, but we also help doctors make more money. One of the most common conversations with prospective clients revolves around fees they should charge and what discounts they should offer. When in reality, the first question really should be how can Custom ChiroSolutions make their practice more “profitable”. While helping chiropractors over the past 15 years we’ve found that 92% of all practices sell a care plan that loses money.

With time and focus, a practice’s issues with profitability can be fixed. But, how is it done? We start with a review of the care plans the doctor sells as it relates to their costs in order to help our client see the blind spots they didn’t know were there. We do this by taking what the practice is selling and analyzing it by asking three main questions:

  1. What is the cost to deliver the service?
  2. Are the discounts legal?
  3. Does the plan guarantee profit?

But, how do we know this process works? We reviewed the collections between new practices that did not hire us and our clients. At the end of their first year, our clients collected 39% more money than non-clients.

For more information on how we can help make your practice more profitable and efficient or to schedule a demo, please reach out to us at

AMPED Members receive a $500 discount on Custom ChiroSolutions’ Audit Proof Income System. 

In collaboration with AMPED Power Partner, Fortispay, our new ChiroCalculator automates the payment process and integrates your care plan fees at the same time. With this calculator feature, we’ve significantly reduced the time the doctor needs to create care plans and the time staff needs to prepare care plans to present to patients. The best part is the entire process is connected to Compliant Coupons with the registration process automatically taking place every time you process a patient.

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