Featured Power Partner: ChiroQueens

Featured Power Partner: ChiroQueens

In this “Featured Power Partner” post, we are highlighting ChiroQueens, a digital marketing agency.



Hello AMPED Members! My name is Hunter Ceroy.

I’ve been a catalyst of growth in practices for the last 2+ years. I created ChiroQueens after being a personal trainer for professional athletes at Under Armour World Headquarters. Now we’ve helped over 300+ practices across the country either double or triple their weekly patient numbers. Our entire staff sees Chiropractors regularly, and all have our own stories in how the profession helped us and our families. My team and myself run ChiroQueens with the Mission Statement of pushing 100,000 people to experience Chiropractic for the first time.

Come join us in our mission, receive your special offer when signing up through AMPED, and never worry about new patient numbers again.

AMPED is a Badass group. It’s time to pair with a Badass Agency.


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$1000 OFF Set up fee waved
20 Conversions to care guaranteed 
25% OFF Service Fee for AMPED members 



(443) 241-7302 ChiroQueens Enrollment Number. Directly to me. 

Book a Call & speak with our Founder

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