Featured Power Partner: Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows

Featured Power Partner: Chiropractic Pregnancy Pillows

In this “Featured Power Partner” post, we are highlighting a product from Dr. Clare Stewart, one of our AMPED Mentors.

Dr. Clare decided to create an improved chiropractic pregnancy pillow set to meet the form and function needs of chiropractors and their pregnant patients.

She rethought every single aspect of the traditional pregnancy pillow set available, and made several improvements. In this new set, both the inner construction of the pregnancy pillows as well as the type of fabric used to cover them have been upgraded, so that the pillows and fabric would work in conjunction with each other to create a functional “system.”

If you serve pregnant women in your practice, you MUST get these pillows for your adjustment tables. These chiropractic pregnancy pillows are a must-have for your practice.

  1. Unlike any other available, the interior foam is cut on a contour, so it cushions her belly in comfort and support.
  2. All fabrics are high quality, 4-way stretch knit.  The fabric works WITH the pillow design as her belly is supported yet able to expand into the inner cavity of the pillow.
  3. Priced to serve the profession at $195/set

Visit for more photos, information and order information.

AMPED Members can take advantage of a special member offer of free shipping ($20 value). Indicate in the “Notes” field of the order form that you are an AMPED member interested in free shipping and use promo code AMPED during checkout. Please contact with any questions.

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