Featured Power Partner: ChiroFunding

Featured Power Partner: ChiroFunding

In this “Featured Power Partner” post, we are highlighting ChiroFunding as our provider for the funding of your chiropractic office.

At ChiroFunding, we are more than just a lender, we offer a chiropractic funding solution that knows you and cares about your new practice.

Our mission at Chiro Funding is to provide start up capital to chiropractic offices so they can impact lives in their community.

Chirofunding provides unparalleled service to fellow AMPED members. Check out this amazing testimonial:

Being able to get funding to open our office was an enormous blessing! The best part of the experience, though, has been the accountability, mentoring, and friendship. For example, things were not easy after we opened our doors. After a few months Dr Rusty Herring and Richard Byerly did not allow me to make excuses anymore. Through mentorship and regular accountability, I had what I personally needed to keep focused on the goals we had set. A regular bank would never be there for us at that level.

Now, we are on our way to becoming an extremely successful practice and we could not have done it without our friends at Chiro Funding! Thank you!

Karl Baune, D.C.
Chiro Funding has a network of professionals that will help you reach success; everything from CPA’s, financial advisors, chiropractic coaching, and a strong affiliation with AMPED, Advanced Mentorship Program for Entrepreneurial Development. AMPED members have seen 100’s of doctors completely change what people thought was possible for a chiropractic office, like seeing over one hundred patient visits in their first week of practice alone.
Check out the Chirofunding website at to start the ball rolling.
Learn more ChiroFunding’s unique model by watching this video:

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