We Believe in Drug Free Families.

We Believe in Drug Free Families.

At AMPED, we believe in drug free families, and chances are that, if you’re a chiropractor and you’re here today, you do too.

Each of us—Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess, Dr. Michael Viscarelli and Tara Viscarelli—truly believes that drugs are a crutch, and a way to mask the pain. Overtime, instead of eliminating the true source of discomfort and disease, people begin to rely on drugs completely.

Drugs are risky at best, and completely debilitating at worst. Unfortunately though, when individuals choose to visit a conventional physician for conditions ranging from back pain to chronic headaches to severe menstrual cramps, they will almost always be put on a long-term treatment plan that involves a drug-combination approach. Our job as chiropractors is to show people that there IS a better way to health and comfort – that living a better, more fulfilling life IS possible without the use of pain medications, and that they don’t have to live in a drug induced state just to get through the day.

It is OUR job to show our communities that there are safer and more effective alternatives to prescriptions, and that when they choose the natural way—the CHIROPRACTIC way—they will see that living a life free of pain and full of energy isn’t just possible—it’s INEVITABLE.

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