In this “Featured Power Partner” post, we are highlighting ChiroSecure, a long-time supporter of the AMPED movement. We are honored to provide special discounts to the AMPED community.

A Note from Dr. Stu Hoffman:


When you think of AMPED and the AMPED leaders who comes to mind?

Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess, Dr. Michael and Tara Viscarelli, and the other AMPED Leaders. They are certainly “Power Leaders”, “Power Couples” and “Power Partners”.

Of course, no team can stand alone and, as Power Partners that support AMPED, we at ChiroSecure have some very important principles we think you need to know about.

I started ChiroSecure over 28 years ago, based on my love and belief in chiropractic.  I am proud to have been part of that sacred trust of founders of our profession.  From my years in practice to this day, my goal like AMPED has been to help chiropractic rise in the eyes of society as a whole.

Over 28 year later, I am prouder than ever of my journey and that my three sons, Eric, Jordan and Brandon are part of that journey.

We are the most principled, vitalistic, subluxation focused drugless chiropractic malpractice company in the profession.  We know of no other malpractice carrier that does more or has done more or given more to advance the profession which is why we continue to be the fastest growing malpractice carrier in the country and why we are proud to be the malpractice carrier of choice for AMPED doctors and AMPED leaders..

As an AMPED Power Partner we want to do more for chiropractic and more for you.  Through December, every time an AMPED NOW member signs up for their malpractice coverage with ChiroSecure we will donate $100.00 in AMPED’s name to the Life Research Project.  

From my family to yours, we are a community that supports each other no matter what.

– Stu Hoffman

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(866) 802-4476

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