Featured Power Partner: REV Billing

Featured Power Partner: REV Billing

In this “Featured Power Partner” post, we are highlighting our preferred billing provider solution from REV Billing. Be sure to give them a call for all of your Chiropractic Billing & Administrative needs.

REV Billing – Over 25 Years Experience Billing service for many AMPED Offices including Drs. Hess, Viscarelli & Brower. Watch this video from Dr. Michael Viscarelli, Dr. Amanda Hess and Paula about “How to REV Up Your Insurance Game.”

Services available include:

  • Health insurance verification
  • Understanding insurance benefits
  • Benefits related to care plans
  • Understanding ledgers
  • Pre-authorization and more
  • Fast Action Response Team
  • Open Q&A
  • Facebook Secret Group Member Forum
  • Industry Expert Guidance and Counsel
  • Virtual Remote Access Assistance

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