AMPED Minute Mindset: Sleep Faster & Accomplish More!

AMPED Minute Mindset: Sleep Faster & Accomplish More!

The AMPED MINUTE MINDSET Series is dedicated to giving chiropractors quick bits of information to help them grow their practice and serve more people in their community.

In today’s Minute Mindset AMPED Leaders, Dr. Michael Viscarelli and Dr. Erik Brower discuss Sleep.

Our personal lives and definitely our professional lives require us to sleep faster.

We love watching videos on YouTube from Eric Thomas.

He says a lot of people want to sleep more than they want success.

And I totally believe that and I think at some point in most of our lives, we’re all guilty of that.

But you need to break those patterns!

You need to remove those patterns from your life of selfishness and go to selflessness.

You need to remove some sleep in your life and get to work.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a great video with a great quote.

He talks about the fact that if he gets a solid six hours of sleep, he will get 18 hours of work in that day.

Now he’s got 18 hours a day to make his dreams come true.

And some people would tell him “I need a minimum of eight to 10 hours of sleep a night to really be able to function”.

He goes… “You need to learn to sleep faster”.

I know people that are literally sleeping all the time and then they complain that they’re not achieving their goals and living their sole purpose.

We say sleep faster, get up, dial in, map your day out the night before, get a picture of exactly what you’re going to do, what you’re gonna accomplish, start crossing things off, get into that Rhino mind mentality and push forward to the mark.

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