AMPED Member Focus: Dr. Trevor and Bailey Adams

AMPED Member Focus: Dr. Trevor and Bailey Adams

We are proud to bring you the story of Dr. Trevor and Bailey Adams of “Vertical Chiropractic”, located in Fort Worth, TX! All of us in the AMPED community wish them the best of luck.

Q. What are your roles at the practice?

A. Trevor – Chiropractor. Bailey serves as the Office Manager.

Q. How long have you been open?

A. 16 months.

Q. How many patients do you see per week?

A. 425-450 visits per week

Q. What is your focus or specialty?

A. Family-referral based practice, specialize in pediatrics, pregnancy. Utilize Torque Release Technique and Webster’s

Q. What would you like to tell us about your practice adventure?

A. Vertical Chiropractic is an office focused on serving families. Our goal has been and will continue to provide Chiropractic care to as many families as possible. Our journey has definitely not been easy, as we have fought through our shares of setbacks. From delayed opening to fine tuning our team and day to day procedures, it has been quite the journey already, but we are very thankful for how rewarding it has all been.

Amidst all of the learning and change of seasons in practice, one constant has been how God has been faithful through every season we’ve been in. Through the incredible, best days ever, to the lowest of lows we’ve faced, God has seen us through and our whole practice will continue to look towards His direction and guidance now and in the future.

We want our practice to be the go-to place for pediatrics and family chiropractic care. We opened our doors with Bailey being 3 months pregnant and one other team member and have been blessed to grow to add more team members now. Looking back at our journey, those first few months were the most memorable and rewarding. Taking people from our community through the process to starting care and seeing huge results has been and will always be exciting for us. We are still new in practice and excited to see how God will continue to bless Vertical Chiropractic moving forward.

Q. Where can we find out more about you?


Q. How has AMPED helped you?

A. AMPED has helped us tremendously. We owe so much to the leadership and community in AMPED for how it has prepared us and given us guidance every step of the way. We opened our doors super-prepared and were blessed to grow steadily throughout our first year open. One of the biggest ways AMPED has helped us has been through community and accountability. Our best friends are in AMPED, and having someone to connect with that is going through similar things has been extremely impactful for us. We are so thankful to have been apart of AMPED in the student phase and for how prepared it made us for the transition to the business owner/practice phase.

Q. Do you have advice for fellow AMPED members?

A. My advice for AMPED members is to never isolate and always reach out for any question or for any advice. Too many people keep to themselves when everyone goes through the same issues, deals with the same tough scenarios in practice, and there are so many great docs in AMPED that are willing to chat to help you through whatever situation someone may be going through. Best practical advice is find one or two docs that are about a year ahead in order to ask questions and seek advice, one or two docs at same stage you are in practice, and one or two a year below that you can pour into to help get better.

Q. What would you say to anyone considering joining AMPED?

A. To anyone considering joining AMPED, my advice is to jump in, commit to learning what the program teaches, ask tons of questions in order to gain clarity on the minor details in practice, set goals, and work your tail off. AMPED is special because it works for all types of people in all types of areas around the country. The community you will find in AMPED is like no other group and we want to see everyone in Chiropractic be super successful.

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