AMPED Member Focus: Dr. Tanner and Elise Hays

AMPED Member Focus: Dr. Tanner and Elise Hays

We are proud to bring you the story of Dr. Tanner and Elise Hays of “The Refinery Chiropractic” in Tyler, TX! All of us in the AMPED community wish them continued success.

Q. What are your roles at the practice?

A. Dr. Tanner and Elise are co-owners and Dr. Tanner is the chiropractor.

Q. How long have you been open?

A. It will be 3 years on February, 2022.

Q. How many patients do you see per week?

A.  We are currently handling 400 visits per week.

Q. What have you learned in your journey?

A. Elise and I opened our office straight out of chiropractic school in our home town of Tyler, TX. We moved back to Tyler when our son was 2 months old while I was finishing my clinic requirements, and hit the ground running with the process to open. It was a massive roller coaster of a journey but taught us so much about having endurance and perseverance in that season. We learned that it is a marathon and not a sprint! It definitely felt like a sprint to get our doors open as soon as possible after graduation, but our realization and goal has been to continue to grow and serve more and more of our community while simultaniously prioritizing our family life as well.

Q. Where can we find out more about you?

Q. What advice do you have for students?

A. Get plugged in as soon as possible! School is by far the best time to learn and master the procedures. Get involved in other offices. Learn from them and make mistakes while you’re in school. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions – you have more time than you think while you’re in school to learn these important business principles.

Q. What advice do you have for fellow doctors?

A. Focus on building the practice that you want that is both sustainable and scalable in the way you want it to be. Set boundaries in your professional and personal life and follow through on them. The office and community will always be there, so make sure to take time to enjoy and be thankful for the process!

Q. How has AMPED helped you?

A. Amped has helped us to be as prepared as possible not just in communicating chiropractic clearly to our community, but in how to run and manage the business side of things, which is not taught in school. The combination of learning the business components and effective communication skills has helped us to not only open but successfully grow our office.


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