AMPED Member Focus: Dr. Kyle and Rachel Trontvet

AMPED Member Focus: Dr. Kyle and Rachel Trontvet

We are proud to bring you the story of Dr. Kyle and Rachel Trontvet of Restore Chiropractic in Maple Grove, MN.  All of us in the AMPED community wish them continued success.

Q. What are your roles at the practice? What do you each focus on?

A. Dr. Kyle – Co-Owner / Lead Doctor – Dr. Kyle is the visionary of Restore Chiropractic. He is a dreamer, deep thinker, and avid learner. Dr. Kyle is always looking for ways to automate systems and procedures, make things more simple, and use technology to leverage more success in practice.

Rachel – Co-Owner / Office Manager – Rachel is a go-getter, a master of reporting, care plan financials & insurance, and a leader of our team and office culture. She is a highly gifted communicator and a gift from God. Rachel is the anchor of team Restore and she truly has a heart of service like none other.

Q. How long have you been open?

A. 4 1/2 years!

Q. How many patients do you see per week?

A.  We serve on average 500-550 visits per week.

Q. What would you share with us about your practice adventure?

A. Restore Chiropractic all started because of my wife Rachel. Rachel suffered from migraine headaches, neck pain, and back pain for years…and later infertility. She struggled with her health, unable to even work a full-time job until she was referred to a neurologically-focused chiropractor who took the time to analyze her nervous system with tremendous precision and gave Rachel her first specific chiropractic adjustment. Rachel’s life was never the same after that first adjustment! She had 100% improvement in her back and neck pain within a couple of months, and no more migraines after just 3 adjustments. Within 3 months of starting care, we conceived our first child after being told it was going to be extremely difficult to get pregnant due to Rachel’s health issues! Chiropractic care has been an amazing gift to our family. As all of this was going on, I was working as a Registered Nurse in an ICU at a major hospital in Fargo, ND. I was getting emotionally and mentally fatigued by the masking of symptoms of the patients I served in the hospital. Titrating drip and oral medications to keep patients alive, while wondering if there was something we were missing to impact the lives of these people I was caring for. I was inspired by how simple it was for my wife Rachel’s body to heal after a specific chiropractic adjustment. The analysis was simple. The adjustment was simple. The education was simple! Small and simple things turned into powerful, miraculous, and big changes! Everything began to click for me, and then when Rachel told me that I should become a chiropractor I didn’t even hesitate to apply for chiropractic college! With two young kids, we later decided to pack up our family of 4 and move to St. Louis, MO so that I could attend Logan University. Rachel did not think she could be part of our office until we found AMPED and she realized that she could run the business with me. We set out on a mission to open a practice that could serve hundreds of families suffering from health concerns just as Rachel did. We decided together to name our practice Restore Chiropractic because people in our world need RESTORATION in their health, but they also need spiritual and emotional restoration! Restore Chiropractic is the home of a deeply caring and loving team, who is on a mission to serve others ahead of themselves, glorify Jesus in all that they say and do, and help people experience a transformation in their lives through the power of the body to self-heal and flourish under neurologically-focused chiropractic care!

Q. What have you learned in your journey?

A. I have learned that nothing is guaranteed in life or in practice. It is challenging to be successful without a team that is on mission, of one mind, and servant leaders. If your team is not on the same page as you, it affects the culture of your office and how your community perceives your brand. We recently had some team changes and are so thankful that God brought solid team members who live out our culture. Our team is a branch of Rachel and me. We desire for everyone entering our office to experience a positive shift in their day. We pray that people will noticeably sense a difference in how we approach life, health, and family. We are trendsetters and purpose-driven leaders. We exemplify excellence at all times. Even when others don’t want to do the hard things, or do the RIGHT things, we do! I have learned that chiropractic is best delivered pure. We just keep elevating our understanding and delivery of principled chiropractic to the world, without the need for other modalities, therapies, exercises, nutrition, or any other thing that will confuse our chiropractic focus and messaging. Chiropractic adjustments (and God) alone changed Rachel’s life, and it is enough for me as well. It’s much easier to “sell” ONE excellent product, than 50 mediocre ones! We need more chiropractors to do the RIGHT things and no longer confuse the message of chiropractic to the world.

Q. What advice do you have for new doctors?

A. New doctors have the luxury of starting from point zero, from scratch, with no baggage or faults. Use the opportunities you have while in school, or immediately upon graduation, to creatively think and plan for your future in practice. It doesn’t matter if you decide to be an associate doctor or the owner of your own practice. Whatever you decide to do, why not do it to the best of your ability? Don’t settle for a clock-in, clock-out career. You went through chiropractic school to make a difference in the world, and more specifically in your community. People come to you because they are in need. You provide a service that nobody else can. Why not learn to be the best chiropracTOR in your community. Be a person that everyone raves about and tells others. Patients will flock to the office YOU serve in because of the culture YOU have helped to build. Focus on your office culture and the experience that you provide to practice members. Lead people with authority and confidence and you will reap the many benefits and rewards that chiropractic has to offer you!

Q. What advice do you have for students?

A. Students are the future of the chiropractic profession. They are the up-and-comers, the young bucks, and the innovators! We need more chiropractors doing what we do, so we can change how the world (and medicine) views and understands health! Nobody understands the power of self-healing like chiropractors do, but even in chiropractic school, students are being brainwashed to rely on therapies and exercises to get their patients better. My advice to students is to get connected with chiropractors out in the field who are doing big things with principled chiropractic. Who are the chiropractors out there that are getting thousands of healing stories per year from the patient community they serve? Where is this flood of hope coming from? A pill? A therapy? A laser treatment? …or is it the power of a RE-connected nervous system that can finally break through the stress it was stuck in, and heal the way God intended the body to!?! Chiropractic students need to learn the art of CONNECTION, not just by delivering high-quality chiropractic adjustments (your technique) but by delivering high-quality connection and communication to people in your community (marketing), to get butts in the seats of your offices and to share a powerful, hopeful and inspiring report of findings, to commit people to care and get them face-down on your tables. If you aren’t getting people consistently face-down on your adjusting tables, you won’t have stories of healing the way many of the principled offices in AMPED do on a regular basis! Use this time while you are in school, to learn the excellence of communicating chiropractic, to understand the systems and procedures to run a successful practice so that the mystery of chiropractic practice is no longer a mystery but rather a blueprint that is imprinted clearly in your mind that you can operate from.

Q. How has AMPED helped you?

A. AMPED has been the most instrumental community in my life and for my success in chiropractic practice. AMPED is where I learned the systems and procedures to operate a successful practice. AMPED is where my best friends are. Some of my deepest relationships and accountability come from the people of AMPED. Practicing chiropractic in isolation and without other people to lean on would be boring and discouraging. I can’t tell you how often I have reached out to the leaders of AMPED and asked questions of the members of the AMPED community to get through difficult situations or seasons in practice. To imagine where we would be in practice without the AMPED community is unfathomable. I owe many thanks to the AMPED organization, and the people of AMPED, for the many gifts and successes we’ve had in practice, and more importantly in life! Most importantly, I’ve learned how to be a better leader, a better spouse, and a better father because of the examples and mentorship I have from the AMPED community. I am tremendously grateful for you AMPED. I don’t know where I’d be without you!

Q. What would you say to people considering joining AMPED?

A. AMPED is a community of like-minded servant leaders who are on mission to change the world one life at a time! The community is why people join, and why people stay! AMPED systems and procedures are second to none. I have been in a ton of offices, and I have never seen more streamlined and successful practices than AMPED practices. Time and time again I hear of chiropractors who were associates or owned their own practice without using AMPED systems and procedures, and had profound increases in patient volume and revenue after shifting to the AMPED model! The best way to love the AMPED program and to get the most out of your membership is to get plugged in with practices you resonate with. Find a mentor or leader in AMPED that has the model of practice you desire to have or be a part of. Do you want to serve kids? Do you love serving pregnant mommas? AMPED has offices with a variety of techniques and approaches, so you just have to dive all in and get after it! Accountability is key, and the more you ENGAGE, the more you will get out of it! Take advantage of the AMPED Connect calls, to reach out and ask questions of the leaders. Become someone who is a life-long learner and never has it all figured out. This will set you apart from the pack, from the other offices in your own community, and raise your level of excellence in the profession to serve at a higher level!

Q. What is your website?

A.  www.RestoreChiro.Life

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?

A.  No, haha…I think I added a lot already! I absolutely love AMPED. It is my tribe, my home, my crew. I am blessed to be part of the AMPED community and I get emotional just talking about it. I am grateful to God for His timing and sovereignty in my life, to bring me into the chiropractic profession the way He did, and to connect me with the people I met along the way to richly bless my life and my career. Thank you AMPED for all you do for my family and me. You are a blessing to the world!



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