AMPED Member Focus: Dr. Austin and Katelynn Chase

AMPED Member Focus: Dr. Austin and Katelynn Chase

We are proud to bring you the story of Dr. Austin and Katelynn Chase of “NüVita Chiropractic”, located in Tampa, FL! All of us in the AMPED community wish them the best of luck.

Q. What are your roles at the practice?

A. Austin is the doc, Katelynn is the office manager.

Q. How long have you been open?

A. Since April 1st, 2 months.

Q. How many patients do you see per week?

A. 175… almost hit 200! Made 196 one week.

Q. What is your focus or specialty?

A. Dr. Austin mainly practices full spine with some instrumentation when needed. We focus on anyone and everyone who needs to get well. We currently see several families, several elderly members, and military. We want to help people get well and make it affordable.

Q. What would you like to tell us about your practice adventure?

A. June will be 1 year since we learned about, and joined AMPED.  Dr. Austin had been working in car accident clinics for 4 years and we were never content. We were passionate about helping people find total wellness through chiropractic, but never had the tools to know how to build a successful practice that wasn’t focused on pain. We also weren’t reaching our financial goals because even though we were receiving a commission at the practice where we were associating, we had zero direction on how to grow.

The doctor Austin was working for had promised to be a mentor and help us reach success, but then never offered any help or insight, even when asked. After three years at this clinic, we decided to move on to a new opportunity that opened up that had better pay. Austin first “mentor” let him go willingly, telling him he didn’t know how to work hard and wouldn’t be successful until he learned. So Austin took the new job, immediately was offered almost double the pay because of his expertise and because he came so highly recommended by people who had worked with him, and we started to try building again.

After a year at this office, we still weren’t happy. Focusing on pain and charging patients for therapies that they didn’t need, just to increase the practice’s bottom line, wasn’t our thing. We wanted to truly help people, and this wasn’t it. We had a couple friends who were doing amazing in practice, and they were focused on wellness, so we reached out to them to ask how they were doing it. They were both in AMPED. We started looking into AMPED and had joined within the week. We also immediately registered for the next team conference.

It took us 9 months to get open and we haven’t looked back since. The hardships we went through prior to joining AMPED gave us great experience and positioned us perfectly so that AMPED became a launching pad to the success we had always dreamed of. We had the work ethic and the passion, but didn’t have the “how.” AMPED gave is the procedures to implement so that we could finally reach our goals and it has been so fun. It’s a lot of work and there is plenty of stress, but it’s paying off and we are so excited. We are reaching all our goals and it’s been mind blowing to watch how well it works. We’ve already surpassed our overhead two months in a row. But the most exciting part is seeing the excitement in the practice members. They’re seeing lots of results and the energy in the office is exciting and hopeful. We’re already getting sent referrals and grow by 1 or 2 per week just on referrals. We are so happy we joined AMPED.

Q. Where can we find out more about you? 

Q. How has AMPED helped you?

A. It gave us the means to make our dreams a reality. It showed us how to build a successful practice that could focus on principled chiropractic. It gave us every step necessary so that we could open a successful practice with relative ease. We had to work hard, but we didn’t have to question if we were doing the right action steps.

Q. Do you have advice for fellow AMPED members?

A. Follow the procedures. They work. If you want to grow, figure out what you’re not implementing and implement it.

Q. What would you say to anyone considering joining AMPED?

A. Do it. And don’t look back. Watch every module you can get your hands on, and listen to as many old calls as possible. Start at the first jumpstart call and listen to them all in order. Then follow the procedures as close to exact as you can. They work. You’ll be successful.

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