Above Down Digital

Above Down Digital

In this “Featured Power Partner” post, we are highlighting the launch of a special creative services resource created specifically for AMPED Doctors.

Above Down Digital is a new agency headed by Hubert Lee that offers digital marketing services such as website design, social media management, content, newsletters, blogs, videos and more.

Whether you’re starting up a practice and need a JumpStart website, redesigning your practice site or have an entrepreneurial project to launch, you’ll be proud of the work that you co-create with Hubert.

Does the name sound familiar? It should! Hubert Lee has been an instrumental member of the AMPED team since the inception. For the past 5 years, Hubert has built the websites, virtual classrooms, news letters, social media accounts and other tech that powers the AMPED ecosystem.

Contact Hubert today to discuss your digital plans. He always provides extensive complimentary consultations and will help you form your plan of action. AMPED Members receive a free “Current State Review” of your web and social platforms. This is a valuable process that tells you things that are critical to your business (like, “Do I really own my domain name?”).

Send an email or text message using the contact info in the graphic above. Hubert will respond with some helpful checklists to help you think about your project. Or, just text him to say “Howdy!”

AMPED Members Receive Special Discounts from Our Power Partners

Visit to see exclusive members-only discounts with AMPED affiliates.

Savings are available on valuable services for your practice such as:

  • Insurance
  • Billing Services
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Marketing
  • and Much More!!

Members should also check out the past AMPED Virtual Classroom Modules as well as “AMPED Specials” (Promotional Items and Practice Builders for AMPED Doctors).

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