Supercharge Your Practice with the AMPED Doctor Program

The AMPED Doctor Program is an innovative mastermind and training program, powering the fastest growing chiropractic practices in the country.

AMPED Doctor Program

The Ultimate Hands-On, Completely-Proven, Mastermind, Mentorship and Development Program for Chiropractors.

Proven Step-by-Step Program


Video Training Course

Our Doctor Program includes monthly online, video-based modules focused on content in the categories of mastering the marketing of your practice, best practices and procedures, and the building of your team. Each module will contain:

  • Videos on the topic of the month
  • Downloadables
  • Hangout calls
  • Bonus videos

AMPED Hangouts

AMPED Hangouts include monthly topic specific calls as well as Boost and Next Level meetings wehre you can ask any question you want on any aspect of your chiropractic business. Hangouts are video-based, group calls.


Live Events

AMPED Live Events take place in different locations nationwide and include the following:

  • Friday Night- Doctors Social
    A private networking event for members and paid guests only.
  • Saturday Live Event
    Full day of training for doctors and students focused on creating a thriving practice.
  • Sunday Live Event
    Focused on cutting-edge tactics and strategies for growing your practice.
  • Events are held in Denver, Atlanta and other select locations.
Opening Your Office? The Jumpstart Program Is For You!


Already In Practice? The Kickstart Program Is For You!
The AMPED programs are designed to show you how to create a massively successful practice that brings pure chiropractic to the world.
The best practices are taught by some of the most successful chiropractors of our time.
The AMPED community is like no other in chiropractic. Deeply bonded by common interests, members form life-long friendships and support networks that can be counted on.
AMPED shows you what’s working NOW. Driven by young chiropractors with an eye towards the future, AMPED best practices are timely and proven.
AMPED always stresses the importance of training your team. The AMPED programs allow different access levels for doctors and team members.
No need to reinvent the wheel. The AMPED methodology is highly specific and tailored to the exactly situations that will arise in your practice. Don’t worry about vague advice that may not apply to you!


  • Enjoy the perspectives of students and doctors on how AMPED has changed their lives.

    Testimony for AMPED
    A Collection of Comments about AMPED
  • AMPED saved our behind. After having an associate job fall through, we found ourselves scrambling to get things going. AMPED provided the tools, wisdom, and leadership we needed to startup and maintain a practice that was not just successful...

    Dr. Joshua Byers
    Ignite Life Chiropractic in Elko, NV
  • I honestly have no idea what we would have done without our AMPED community! This is the most generous and loving group of people! The program has taught us how to refine and define our skills to help be successful right out of the gates.

    Dr. Robert Boehland
    Cornerstone Family Chiropractic in Prescott, AZ
  • Drs. Jared and Samantha Brown talk about how AMPED gives you the tools you need for success in your practice.

    Drs. Jared and Samantha Brown
    Bright Life Chiropractic in Savannah, GA
  • If it wasn’t for AMPED, I don’t think we would be where we are today. We have been part of AMPED since the very beginning! We attended the very first AMPED meeting and never stopped going.

    Dr. Richard and Sherry Rosado
    New Leaf Chiropractic in Miami, FL
  • A couple of testimonials for AMPED from Dr. Sam Stewart of Stewart Chiropractic Center in Hendersonville, TN and Dr. Evan White of Compass Chiropractic in Opelika, AL.

    Testimonials for AMPED
  • AMPED has helped us to put the proper systems and procedures in place so that our office can thrive and grow daily.

    Dr. Galen Hurl
    Principled Chiropractic in Hermitage, PA