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Lunch and Learn at the AMPED Conference  with Sam Chand

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Make the most of your experience at the AMPED Team Conference by attending the Special Luncheon with Sam Chand. He will inform, educate and inspire you with his deep knowledge while you enjoy a satisfying meal.

Dr. Michael Viscarelli invites you to make the most of your AMPED conference experience by joining us at the AMPED special luncheon.


Here is an example of Sam Chand’s content – “Team Culture, Systems, and Going to the Next Level”


Sam Chand is an expert on leadership and he has prepared a special talk for you. His singular vision for his life is to “Help Others Succeed”. Watch Sam give a small preview of his thoughts in this video.



Note: Seats are limited and tickets ALWAYS sell out fast. No tickets will be sold at the conference.

Luncheon tickets are $35 for DCs and $25 for spouses and team members.


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